Yr 9 Start Ups – building the businesses of tomorrow!

Year 9 Start Up students have embarked on a remarkable journey into creating their own business. This semester, students studied small business and the online market place. They then created their own unique products to sell online using Etsy.
Grace and her Dreamcatcher
Earlier in the semester, students had the honour of speaking with guest speaker Stacey Howard who has successfully started her own Etsy business, ‘Max and Me’.
This semester, the Year 9 Start Up class students have embarked on their own small business journeys. Using the advice given from Stacey and the skills learnt in class, students successfully created, marketed and sold their own products.
Tara and Talia with their clothing line
Our students created some outstanding products and I am very proud of their efforts this semester. I am looking forward to seeing what future students create in Start Up 2018.
Kayden’s video game barrel
Miss Carruthers
Start Up Elective Teacher