VEX Wars are here at HGC

Last weekend a robotic battle of epic proportions raged at HGC.

Two teams from HGC took part in the season opener of the VEX robotics competition. Mighty metal robots competed in strength, speed, ingenuity of design and accuracy of application. Teams from 12 Melbourne schools battled it out over 2 playing fields, and the competition was fierce. The robotic field featured a jaw-dropping array of industrial design and complex programming. The knock-out rounds saw some heavy-duty strategising, including alliance building and strategic withdrawal that gave some of the teams a competitive upper-hand. This resulted in one of the HGC team making the finals.  It truly was a game of survival.

We are incredibly proud to announce that HGC’s ‘Metal Monolith’ came 2nd out of a field of 21 teams!!!!

Afterwards, the robots went outside for refreshments, with some even ordering and paying for their own sausages and drinks!

The next event is on 11th September at RMIT. Bring on the HGC VEX Wars 2.0 – the HGC robotics team is coming for you!