Scientific Inquiry: Studying Amazing Cells with Ms Myers

Have you ever wondered what the cells of your hair or skin would look like if they were magnified? The new STEAM centre has some fabulous new equipment to allow HGC Year 8s to discover cells and use the microscopes to examine in detail the microscopic world they belong to.

Students have demonstrated excellent skills with focusing and preparing slides for use under the light microscopes. They have also mastered the stereo microscopes with some challenging pond water organisms.


Michael M.

“I enjoyed using the microscopes for the first time because I’d never used a microscope before. I also preferred the steromicroscopes because it was easier to see into.”


Trent W.

“I actually think that the microscopes are pretty cool , I enjoy science and like to learn about microscopes and using them.”


Chloe B.

“In this unit of cells I have learnt a lot about cells my knowledge of cells has grown heaps, light and stereo microscope are fun and easy to use. I can see heaps of little things. Pond water is so fun to look under with a microscope…”


Brandi W.

“Working with the microscopes was a really fun experience and i enjoyed learning about microscopes and how to use them, and I especially liked learning about cells and also looking through the microscope seeing the specimens and the pond water was really cool.”



Scarlet B.

“My knowledge has grown while using the Stereo microscopes and the light microscope. I have been privileged to be able to see and experience things I thought I would never thought I would.


Paris G.

“Since using both stereo and light microscopes, it’s been much easier to understand and picture what is being taught to me. Looking at your hair or fingerprints are so interesting because you can see all the tiny details you would never get to see with the naked eye.”


Ashlee C.

“I enjoyed using the microscopes because it was fun to look at all of the bugs and cells close up, especially looking at a fingernails and fingerprints.”


Madis P.


“I enjoyed putting the bugs from the pond under the stereo microscope and putting my finger underneath as well as putting a single piece of hair.”


Imogen R.

“I really enjoyed using the microscopes so far they have given me a great learning opportunity and experience. I really enjoyed using the microscopes with the pond water you could see so much detail in the bugs.”



Blake M.

“My highlight of using the microscopes this term is seeing all the little details of microscopic objects and all of the bugs from the pond water it was awesome to see. I enjoy science very much and I love all of the practical that we do as a class.”


Hope S.

“I love getting to use the microscopes it was interesting to see all of the bugs and to see all the details on the bugs. I loved looking through the microscope it was so fun and I felt like a real scientist.”


Makayla R.

“It was cool looking at pond water, especially our hands ,also I like when we looked at onion slices it’s been ok and I’m hoping to learn a lot more.”


Cooper C.

“I thought the cell rap was really interesting by showing us what they do. I like coming to science and looking through the microscopes with the pond water and finger prints blood and more.”