Project Runway

Project Runway: Fashion Textiles is a technology subject offered from Year 9. In this subject students work to create a design portfolio researching, generating ideas and planning for their product. The product for this semester was a unique tote bag created from scratch. Students experimented with processes such as: dying, painting and applique to create their main feature of the bag. During the semester we attended Melbourne Fashion Week and the students saw a line runway show! Students learn to problem solve, draw, sew and innovate in this subject as a designer and a maker.


Below are some little snippets I wrote with the kids:


“In Project Runway we have been working on making our own calico tote bags. We have been able to construct them from scratch, hand dye, applique and hand paint them with our own designs.”


“We got to go on an excursion to VAMFF Melbourne Fashion Festival to see a live runway show, it was such a great experience! We got to do some research about bags at the Emporium shops and have dinner there as a group as well.”


“This was the first time I used a sewing machine, at the start it was difficult but with practice I have improved and I can even do my own applique and even thread it up myself.”


“My favourite part of this subject was getting to do some tie dye, I’ve always seen this effect on clothes and wanted to do it myself, I finally learnt how to create the effect with fabric dyes and fabric manipulation, it turned out so well!”