Personal Best Project on Display

Year 9 at HGC is an incredible year for our students. This is a time when students are beginning to question who they are and what they would like to do in future. As part of this, HGC challenges Year 9’s to set their personal goals. The students are then challenged to reach these goals in the Personal Best Project.

The Personal Best Project is not about competing against others in standardised tests. It is about setting your own goals, breaking down the steps needed to accomplish them and then working hard over an extended period of time to achieve your personal best. This teaches students that success doesn’t come through luck but through planning, breaking large tasks into manageable ‘bites’ and working consistently over extended periods of time.

The best thing of all is that this challenge is designed to engage every student in an area they are passionate about and every student can achieve success in this subject with the right attitude!

The achievements we have seen from our Year 9’s over the years have been incredible. One of these is currently on display in the main foyer of reception. Leah M (Year 9) has created this amazing Australian flag mosaic for her Personal Best Project. It has been donated to the Whittlesea RSL club and is currently on loan to HGC until Leah graduates.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Main Office, you should definitely have a look at this amazing piece of craftmanship!!