Chloe and Elijah Create ‘Footy Fever’ Plaques with Mr Berry

Elijah and Chloe have created stunning ‘Footy Fever’ plaques in Mr Berry’s Woodwork class. This is how they describe the process:

“In wood work we made footy plaques. We started by cutting the wood into the correct shape with a coping saw. We then sanded it until it was smooth. We printed the logos on paper in reverse and then glued the logo onto the wood using PVA glue. Once it was dry we scrubbed off the paper using a sponge, revealing the logo attached to the wood. Finally we varnished the plaque to finish it off.”

Well done to all the students in Mr Berry’s classes who have created these beautiful plaques! Every one of them looks fantastic! I’m sure they will be hung on the wall at home with lots of love and pride.