In Term 2 of 2020, HGCs Year 10 students will undertake a full week’s work experience from Monday 11 to Friday 15 May. The Year 10 Work Experience Program is compulsory and provides many benefits for students to experience life in the workforce, help to identify careers and future pathways of interest, as well as develop confidence, independence and key employability skills (eg communication/interpersonal, problem solving, critical thinking, organisation and time management).

Undertaking work experience helps students to build their professional networks which can lead to future employment opportunities and referees for resumes! We encourage students and parents to visit the Work Experience Directory website for tips and information in relation to industry, employers, a placement directory and much more.

Next steps?
Students should consider careers and future pathways of interest and use their placement as an opportunity to learn more about a possible career and pathway. For those undecided, below are some suggestions to generate ideas.

Things to consider may be:
> What career suggestions did your Morrisby Career Assessment portfolio/report provide?
> explore the careers targets/bullseyes on the HGC Careers page
> talk to family and friends – ask about their careers and connections/networks they have with employers

Students then need to contact employers seeking placement from Monday 11 – Friday 15 May, 2020. Once a placement is confirmed with an employer, students are to complete the (Step 1) Work Experience Placement Request Form and return it to the Careers Office by Friday 6 December 2019. Students have been provided with a hard copy and an electronic copy has been sent via Compass to all parents and students.

We strongly encourage students to speak to their teachers or contact Michelle Fitzsimmons in the Senior School Careers Office if they have any questions or concerns.