2019 HGC House Athletics Carnival

The House system is an integral part of HGC. It has been developed to promote a positive and inclusive culture at our College. It helps to create a caring and supportive environment where all students are welcome and valued and can demonstrate loyalty and allegiance whilst contributing to the success of their house.

The House system is incorporated into the sporting, academic and artistic endeavours of our students. The House system promotes positive self-esteem, a sense of belonging and pride amongst our students. It all so encourages peer support, cooperation, communication, leadership and teamwork.

This sense of House pride was on full display at the 2019 HGC House Athletics Carnival where students and teachers dressed in house colours and worked hard to earn points for their house.

This event was aimed at fostering a sense of belonging for every student. There was a huge range of athletic events for students to compete in such as running, high jump, long jump, discus and shotput. But importantly, there was also a wide range of alternative competitions such as singing, dancing, sack races, arm wrestling, chess, cards, egg & spoon races, best dressed and dunk the teacher!

Everyone, no matter their athletic ability, had the chance to contribute to their House and the culture of our College.