On Friday 4 October 2019 I headed into Melbourne city for my first meeting of the 2019/2020 Yan Yean Youth Advisory Council (YYYAC). 

This council was launched to provide future leaders with opportunities to bring issues directly to our local member of parliament Danielle Green (member for Yan Yean).

Members of YYYAC met at Parliament House steps. Initially, I was nervous, but when I saw some familiar faces, my nerves were calmed. Once everyone had arrived we headed into Parliament House to start our meeting.

To begin with, we went around the table and introduced ourselves; sharing our name, age, school and what we wanted to improve in the community.  After the formalities, Danielle Green MP gave us a detailed tour of Parliament House.

Danielle spoke to us about her experiences and how she got to where she is now. We learnt a lot about how our government works and it was extremely inspiring for us to see. After our tour, we went to lunch to continue talking about what we want to do as the new YYYAC.

Overall this experience was extremely eye-opening and I can’t wait for all the opportunities I will be given on the YYYAC. I am also very excited to work with some extremely inspiring people to help benefit my community.

-Zoe Year 10