Learning From Home—SS Student Reflection

In your opinion, what has been the most interesting thing about home learning? Or the most interesting thing you have learnt?

We definitely think we have gotten to know our teachers better during the home learning period. We can think of a few occasions where the class would catch up or joke around a bit to make up for the face to face time we missed in class.

The ability to work in flexible environments allowed for a more comfortable working space and self-paced learning allowed for a better understanding of what worked for us, we know everyone learns differently.

We would love to see some of the home learning aspects continue over regular school life in the future.

We were excited to be a part of Student Voice last week, where representatives from each home group voiced their opinions about what worked and what didn’t work during the home learning period.


Remote learning entailed an equal amount of highs and lows, with both being beneficial in progressing towards a new, adaptive learning environment for the students of today, and the future.

Some highlights from remote learning include;

  • a stream of information accessible all the time on platforms such as Google Classroom and Compass,
  • coordination between platforms such as Canvas and Google Classroom in order to obtain a cohesive learning environment, accessible by all students,
  • interaction between our fellow classmates and teachers over video calls in order to work on tasks and perpetuate our learning, regardless of the situation occurring around us,
  • flexibility in when and where we could work, specifically being able to change our learning environment freely and adapt our schedules to suit our needs,
  • and of course, sleeping in.

What did you miss about onsite learning?

Although remote learning provided many benefits, there were, of course, things that could only be done face to face, that everybody missed.

Some of these things include;

  • live, face-to-face interaction with friends,
  • immediate feedback from teachers and the ability to access and talk to them at any time,
  • stable schedule; set classes, constant face-to-face contact with teachers, due dates set for reasonable times, reasonable amounts of work set,
  • a learning environment, free from distractions that allowed students to focus on the tasks at hand,
  • class discussions and banter between students that promoted further, deeper learning,
  • Café 115 and the Canteen.

What are you thankful for?

The dedication of teachers through the remote learning period helped a lot of us do the best we could during the situation.

There were a few learning curves for both teachers and students as we got to know each platform, one memory from the first week is was jumping between each platform trying to find what work was where and when my google meets calls were.

Luckily, this period was brief, and by Week 2 most of us had managed to grasp the new way of learning. It was good having platforms like Classroom, WebeX or Google Meets, which filled the place of face to face work submission and help.

A lot of students loved waking up later in the day, usually providing some needed rest through home group.

Many others enjoyed the consumption of food at various times of the day while some just enjoyed the flexibility of working in their own space, at their pace.

We’re personally thankful for the difference experience remote learning offered us and the large amount of effort the teachers put in to keep our education running.

What advice would you give students facing the same home learning situation?

Maintain a steady schedule and establish a quiet environment free from distractions.

Based upon personal experience, maintaining this will ensure a continuous stream of beneficial learning that is equally comfortable and suited to your needs.

Additionally, trying to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise is beneficial to your physical and mental health, while of course, maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Matt and Josh, Year 12