Congratulations on a fantastic first term!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Once again, congratulations to all students and staff on an excellent start to the 2018 school year! Hard to believe that term one is over.

Many thanks to the staff for all their commitment and hard work. To all students across the College, congratulations on the way you have settled into the new school year. In particular, to our new Preps and the 300 Year 7 students, we are very proud of the enthusiasm and commitment you are displaying in so many areas across the College.

College Council 2018

Following the counting of votes for the parent members of College Council, I would like to congratulate the following parent members who were elected to Council:

Craig Williams, Corinne Duff and Tracey McIlwain

Along with all other members, we welcome your election to College Council and value your contribution to Hazel Glen College.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all nominated parents for your interest in being on College Council and I would certainly look to your contribution to Hazel Glen in one way or another.
I have great pleasure in announcing the following 13 Council members for 2018:

Staff Category
Darryl Furze
Anthony Oldmeadow
Anthea Jamieson
Debbie Rainbow
Neil Baillie

Parents Category
Craig Williams : Council President
John Bowell : Council Vice-President
Yasmin Ramage
Corinne Duff
Shane Mason
Tracey McIlwain

Co-opted Members
Rob Charlesworth
Craig Ogden

The new College Council met for the first occasion with new members on Monday evening. Congratulations to all involved, as we set the focus and conversations about the direction of the College over the next twelve months.

Building Works
Construction of the new Senior School will be completed in the first few weeks of next term.

Student Behaviour
In our College of over 2800 students, it is absolutely imperative to have consistent approaches and protocols around student behaviour. Our Hazel Glen Parent Handbook underpins what our expectations are when it comes to expected behaviour at Hazel Glen College. Key messages of the Handbook highlight that if children display the key values and good behaviours they will be acknowledged. In the event that these behaviours drop below our expected standards there exist a range of consequences. As a leadership team, we ask all staff to follow these consistent protocols in the classrooms and outside in order for us to maintain the positive tone with student behaviour across the College. We also expect parents to uphold College values and support our expectations with the children.

The behaviour and manners shown at our assemblies across the College throughout first term have been fantastic. This is a great affirmation that positive behaviour is alive and well in the College. It is fabulous to see the large number of parents who attend our assemblies. Please be aware that you are all invited to assemblies, we always welcome parents to attend these important events and celebrations.

Open Day

Hazel Glen Open Day will be held on Saturday 21st April from 9am to 1pm. This will give us a great opportunity to showcase our magnificent College, from Kindergarten through to Senior School.

ANZAC Day 2018

Preparation is underway for this year’s ANZAC Day Service next month. A number of programs will be held both here at the College, Melbourne CBD and also at Laurimar Cenotaph.
We will have significant representation from the College at the ANZAC Dawn Service that will be held at the Laurimar Cenotaph commencing at 6am on Wednesday 25th April.
A whole College service will be held here in the gym at the Tuesday morning assembly prior, starting at 9.00am. As part of the Experiential Program, Year 9 students will attend a College service to be held in the Melbourne CBD (Treasury Theatre).

Winter Uniform

A reminder that students are expected to wear the designated winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3. This can be purchased from the PSW Store in South Morang.

Pupil Free Day

Please be aware that students at the College will return to commence Term 2 on Tuesday 17th April. The Monday will be a planning day for all staff across the College; therefore this is designated as a pupil free day.

On behalf of all the staff, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable term break.

Darryl Furze
College Principal