Year 11 HGC VCE students hit new heights!

HGC’s Year 11 VCE PE students got to train using the latest technology during their excursion to the Prosport Altitude Training facility. This facility immerses the students bodies in an oxygen reduced atmosphere similar to the gruelling conditions experienced by climbers striving to conquer Mt Everest. This environment has benefits for physical education by triggering a range of physiological responses not achievable in normal training programs as the body adapts to cope with the reduction of oxygen taken into the lungs. As a result, the heart, lungs, muscles and blood oxygen flow becomes more efficient and leads to fitter, faster, stronger athletes with improved endurance, speed, metabolism.

These days 80% of professional athletes use altitude preparation in their training to significantly improve their performance; with up to 37% more endurance, 25% more efficient workout than sea level, 15% more weight loss, 9% more strength and 3% more power and speed.

It was a magnificent experience for the Year 11s and we will sure you will see some great results!