VCE Legal Studies–Supreme and County Court Excursion

Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies students visited the County and Supreme Courts in Melbourne’s CBD.

Throughout the day, students had the honour of participating in a Q & A session with a County Court Judge. They experienced the hushed reverence of entering both the County Court and Supreme Court to witness a real-life criminal case taking place.

Students witnessed a bail application in the Supreme Court, the closing arguments for a murder trial in the Supreme Court, the examination of a witness in a drug trafficking case in the County Court and the closing arguments for a civil case against the TAC. They then had the opportunity to practice what they have learned throughout the year by participating in a mock trial in the Supreme Court.

Students also enjoyed roaming the hallowed halls of the Victorian Law Library in the Supreme Court and learnt some amazing facts about its unique history.

This excursion fostered a greater understanding of the Victorian Legal System and students were amazed to see the classroom theory they have been learning all year come to life before their very eyes!