2020 Inaugural College Captains – Together we can make a difference

Student leadership is an integral part of the HGC ethos. There are many leadership opportunities available for students at every year level. We believe that the wide variety of roles enables students to gain valuable leadership experience, grow in confidence and become responsible citizens and positive role models for others within our College and the wider community.

In 2020, the College will have its first Year 12 cohort and as such it’s inaugural College Captains. The process of selection of these students, who will act as both leaders and role models, has already begun with students nominating to be involved in events that support the College and local community. We had 14 Year 11 students attend the Year 7 information night in February where they spoke with parents and supported Home Group teachers to introduce parents to Year 7. This was a great example of our senior students showcasing their experiences at Hazel Glen College and was well received by parents.

Throughout this year prospective College Captains will support the College by representing both Hazel Glen and the Doreen community. Students will attend ANZAC day services, assist on College open days, present and host Year Level and Senior School assemblies as well as contribute to College life in a variety of other ways.

The students who apply for College Captain will have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to College events, culture and service to the community. We look forward to receiving applications from these oustanding students in Term 4.