From the Senior School

It has been an incredibly busy but exciting year for Senior school students and staff. This year was our second year of our year 9 experiential program running and our first year with Year 10 students. Our staff have once again done a fantastic job of writing new curriculum and setting up new programs for our students.

Year 9 is designed to engage students, provide new experiences and connect classroom learning with real world experiences in the city and wider community.
Students have attended two focus camps in Warrandyte, taking part in team building and challenge activities, developed independence and explored the city with a number of excursions related to community, they have undertaken an 8 week personal best project to follow their individual passions and then worked as a team to undertake a community based project.
In term 3, students spent 7 days camping, hiking and canoeing around Lake Eildon when they challenged themselves and each other with a 7 day expedition that has created huge personal growth and many lasting memories.

4 students in Year 9 along with Ms Heathcote spent 6 weeks in Beijing and Shangai as part of the Victorian Young Leaders to China program. This experience allowed students to develop their Chinese language skills, learn about Chinese heritage and culture as well as experience life in a Chinese school.

25 students and 5 staff travelled to the remote communities of Ringer Soak and Billiluna in the outback of western Australia. This unique trip that requires several days of travel in a four wheel drive took student into these remote communities where the Hazel Glen students and staff lived and worked with the students and staff of the indigenous schools. This was the second year of this excursion and the relationship between Hazel Glen and Billiluna continues to develop.

Year 10 students started the year in the brand new double story portables before transitioning into our new Senior school building in term 3. It has been fantastic to see the students mature and enjoy their learning in the new environment. We certainly look forward to next year when all 16 classrooms will be in operation for all of our Year 10 and 11 classes.
Year 10 students spent a lot of time at the end of term 2 and the start of term3 hearing about pathways options and Year 11 subjects. This led into our subject selection process and it was great to hear so many positive conversations with students and parents at the course counselling interviews.

This year we have put forward our application to run VCAL in 2019 and we our very pleased that we have just been accredited to run VCAL at foundation, intermediate and Senior levels. This meant that our very first VCAL early start program ran last week and the students had a really productive week undertaking the work related studies unit.
Our Year 11 VCE classes started last week with our early start program and I really enjoyed seeing students being excited about their subjects for next year and starting to engage with their VCE learning.

I would like to thank all of our teachers in Senior school for the efforts that they put into writing new curriculum, teaching their classes with such enthusiasm and the support that they provide to our students.

We are already looking forward to 2019 and are excited about the year ahead. I would like to wish all of our students, parents and teachers a merry Christmas and hope that everyone has a safe and restful summer break. And I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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