The end of term 4 brings a time of reflection and time of celebration as the school year draws to an end, and we celebrate and recognise the achievements of students at our awards ceremonies and reflect on the opportunities and success stories throughout 2018.
Term 1 in 2019, Hazel Glen College will complete its first strategic review led by the Department of Education. This review requires us to reflect and analyse programs, goals, targets and data that have been achieved over our first four years of operation. This review will develop the platform for our next Strategic Plan for the next four years. I will be seeking feedback from our parent community and student representatives during this process. I will send out invitations for parents to be part of our review early in Term 1 2019 and additionally seek feedback from a survey for those unable to attend the review meetings. This review will provide explicit targets and goals to improve student outcomes.
As part of our continued College reflection, 2019 will see the introduction of sub-school advisory committees in the Junior, Middle and Senior areas. These committees will be made up of the Area Principal, their Assistant Principals and seven parents with children from each part of the College. These committees will provide explicit feedback to the Area Principal about programs, culture, curriculum and opportunities provided to students in their specific areas and then relayed to the College Council. These advisory committees are not a decision making body but will have the ability to put forward recommendations about improved practices supported by the Area Principal to the College Council. Expressions of interest will be sought early in Term 1 2019.
Congratulations to all award recipients for 2018. The personal achievement of each individual to be recognised with an award is built on the accumulation of dedication and commitment over the 12-month period. I am extremely proud of all students’ success and recognise their teachers for their consistent support provided to all students.
2019 will see the commencement of our first formal VCE and VCAL curriculum programs. This is an exciting milestone for the College built on the amazing work by Mr Baillie and the Senior School Leadership team. I would like to wish all students and teachers the best of luck as the students commence their final two years of their school journey. The program offerings I am confident will provide students with successful pathways into their preferred fields of further study and employment.
I am seeking support from volunteers in the Junior School Canteen for 2019. The Junior School Canteen will be open Wednesday to Friday and I am seeking four volunteers to work with a College staff member on these days to operate the Canteen. Training and support will be provided and I look forward to many parents and guardians spending time in the canteen and supporting the College.
Café 115 will be available for Senior School students to access at recess and lunchtime in 2019. We have had an overwhelming response of support for our Senior School students to use the Café next year. Year 10 students will only have access to take away food where Year 11 students will have access to dine in the Café during recess and lunchtimes.
This will be an appropriate setting, fitting to the maturity levels of our Senior School students.
In January 2019, myself and the three area Curriculum Assistant Principals will be attending a week of professional learning based around our ability to analyse College data. This professional learning will take place at the Bastow Institute prior to the commencement of students returning. This professional learning will be led by Harvard Institute leaders from America. I look forward to this professional learning to increase the capacity of myself and the staff in the use of data to improve student outcomes across the College.
I would like to acknowledge our College Council members for their dedication and commitment in working with the College Leadership team to improve all aspects of the curriculum and opportunities offered at our College. Their support and guidance in leading our College is recognised in all of the achievements throughout 2018.
Finally, to all of our students, parents and staff I would like to personally wish you all a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas holiday period.
To all of our students, congratulations on all of your personal achievements this year and I hope your Christmas stockings are filled with all your wishes.
To our parents and carers, thank you for all of your ongoing support to our College and me personally and I look forward to catching up with many of you in 2019 throughout the school grounds or over a coffee.
To our amazing staff, we are what we are simply because of you. You consistently apply yourselves to everything you do and as a result build the pride and reputation of our College as the school of choice in the Outer Northern Region. Enjoy the Christmas period, recharge your batteries and I look forward to another successful year in 2019.