College News

Welcome to the second newsletter for 2019 with information about what’s happening in the Junior School. It’s incredible to think that we are in Week 5 already, halfway through the term. This week in our eNews clip, you will meet Rebecca Richards, the Assistant Principal for Curriculum in the Junior School. Rebecca speaks about what has been happening in our classrooms in teaching and learning.

Junior School Leaders
A very big congratulations to Makenzie and Jacob, our new Junior School Captains. Makenzie and Jacob were selected because of their outstanding commitment to our College values and their vision for the Junior School in 2019. I look forward to working closely with them this year.

I am also very proud to announce the following students who have been selected to be Junior School leaders. It was such a difficult process for our staff given the calibre of all of the students who applied. Well done.

Our Friday afternoon assemblies are a great way to celebrate and end the school week. We welcome all parents to attend both the Junior School assembly and the Year Level assembly. In Week B we hold our whole Junior School assembly in the Gym and in Week A we hold our Year Level assemblies, in the following venues.

  • Prep – Scout Hall
  • Year 1 – JS building Learning Neighbourhood #1
  • Year 2 – Performing Arts Auditorium
  • Year 3 & 4 – Furze Fitness Centre (Gym)

Both assemblies begin at 2.15pm. We ask that parents do not enter the school grounds until after 2pm when the children are with their teachers. Thank you for your understanding.

Parent Helper Training
We recently held our first Parent Helper information session in the Performing Arts auditorium. We love and value having parents and family members helping in our classrooms, therefore, it was wonderful to have such an enthusiastic turn out on the night. Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to our Instructional Leaders for their fantastic presentation. If you missed out, there will be another opportunity to attend next term.

Cyber Safety
The safety of our students using the internet is of utmost importance. Cyber safety is a big part of our PEP program (Personal Enrichment Program) that is incorporated into every classroom’s curriculum however we know that parents can also feel concerned about how they can keep their children safe online at home. There is some great information and tips on the Raising children parenting website which can assist you in having those important conversations at home.

The College also has a strong Cyber Safety policy that you can find on our website.

Junior School Athletics Day
Our Athletics Carnival for years Prep – 4 will be held next Thursday 7 March. This will be our first House event for 2019. Please mark this date in your diary as we love having our families come along and support the students on this fun day. The students will continue to learn about all of our special House patrons this year and understand why they were chosen by Hazel Glen College. More information about the day will be sent via Compass.

Have a great weekend.
Anthea Jamieson
Junior School Principal

Junior School News

It is certainly hard to believe we are entering into the half-way mark of Term 1. Students have settled in well to Middle School routines and continue to display our College values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Relationships. Staff are working with students on setting goals for themselves as students look ahead to what it is they want to achieve this year. With hard work and perseverance, I am confident ALL students can achieve.

Middle School Captains
We are extremely proud of the number of our Middle School students that nominated themselves to take on leadership roles in 2019. We had over 150 nominations for 40 leadership roles varying from House Leaders to Student Council Representatives. The successful students have been notified and will be announced at our Middle School assembly next Tuesday at 2pm in our College Gymnasium. We wish all our successfully captains the best for a successful year in their role.

Cyber Safety
The issues of cyber safety are emerging as the number one issue confronting the safety and wellbeing of young people and the wider community. Together with associated technology including 4G mobile telephones, Instant Messaging, online games and the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, today’s youth have access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide. To help support the safe use of technology both here at Hazel Glen and at home, The College continuously reinforces the importance of being safe online. We have a strong Cyber Safety policy located on our website and expectations in our diaries that we expect students to uphold. We ask parents to support us by continuing to stay vigilant in monitoring your child’s online activity and importantly having conversations with your children about being safe online. Please refer to your child’s diary or our College policies if you need further information around our expectations of mobile and iPad use while at school. Thank you for your support in managing Cyber Safety at Hazel Glen College.

Year 5 and 6 Camp
The excitement for our Year 5 and 6 camps is at an all-time high. Thank you to all parents who attended our camp information night held last Monday night. Year 6 buses will be departing at 8.15am next Tuesday 11 March, while our Year 5 buses will be departing at 9.00am on the same day.  Please be aware of the extra traffic that may be around on this morning. If you have any questions about camp, please contact the office and request to speak to your child’s year level leader.

Year 7 Melbourne Excursion
It was brilliant to see our Year 7 students head out for their first excursion to the city last week. As part of our Term 1 unit ‘Liveability’, the Year 7 students explored various parts of the city including Federation Square, Birrarung Marr and Sandridge Bridge, as well as taking a tour on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower. The students gathered data to assist them in creating a presentation back at school. This presentation will expand the students’ Geographical knowledge through having them consider Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities as well as the present and future challenges that Melbourne faces. The students wore their uniform with pride and acted in a very respectful manner. There is no better feedback than when a member of public commends our student’s behaviour outside of College grounds – this occurred on multiple occasions! I would like to acknowledge our Humanities Domain Leader, Matt Sortino and the staff for their work in organising and running this highly successful excursion.
Enjoy the weeks ahead and we hope to see parents at our Middle School Assembly on Tuesday 5 March at 2pm.

Anthony Oldmeadow
Middle School Principal

Middle School News

Senior School students have settled well into the routines of Term 1 and it has been great to see our Senior School building full of active classes and engaged students. Our Year 9 program is now in full swing having run the first focus camp and students are now engaged with City Experience days as well as starting to plan for their Personal Best projects.

World Challenge Cambodia 2019
In two weeks’ time our World Challenge team will head off to the Dandenong Ranges on a training weekend that will incorporate camping and hiking as they develop trekking and leadership skills in preparation for their 3 week expedition in December. World Challenge is a student lead expedition to Cambodia, where students will trek, visit tourist sites and carry out a community project at a school in Siem Reap. The student have been working for the past year with Ms Crosthwaite, Ms Devitt and Mr Milne to learn about Cambodia as well as developing team work skills in order to plan this amazing trip. Any students in Year 10 or 11 who is interested in joining this overseas experience should contact one of the teachers to find out more.

This coming Sunday, 3 March our World Challenge students are hosting a Bunnings BBQ at Mernda to raise some funds for their trip! Please drop by grab and support a worthy cause.

House Swimming Carnival
On Friday 22 March we will be holding our House Swimming Carnival for Years 7-11. This will be a fantastic day based on participation and fun events as opposed to just swimming races. Students who attended the last swimming carnival will know that this is a great day out at Aquarena pools in Doncaster. The outdoor pools will be filled with inflatable obstacles and the water slides will be in action all day. We look forward to seeing all students attending and supporting their house and College culture.

Interim reports
Next week teachers will start filling out interim reports, to give parents an update about a student’s effort, behaviour and work habits so far this term for each subject. These reports will be released to parents in Week 8 prior to the parent teacher interviews on Tuesday 26 March.

Neil Baillie
Senior School Principal

Senior School News

Term 1 – 2019

Friday 1 March

  • Senior Summer Sport
  • 2pm – JS Year Level Assemblies

Wednesday 6 March

  • No Prep Classes

Thursday 7 March

  • Junior School Athletics Carnival

Friday 7 March

  • 2pm – Junior School Assembly – Gym

Monday 11 March

  • Labour Day Public Holiday – No Classes
  • Inter Girls Cricket

Tuesday 12 – Friday 15 March

  • Year 5 Camp
  • Year 6 Camp

Wednesday 13 March

  • Year 7 & 8 Boys Cricket Final

Thursday 14 March

  • Year 3 Excursion

Friday 15 March

  • World Challenge Training
  • 2pm – JS Year Level Assemblies

Saturday 6 – Tuesday 23 April

    • School holidays – No Classes

Tuesday 23 April

  • Staff Planning Day – No Classes

Wednesday 24 April

  • Students Return – Classes Commence

Wednesday 24 April

  • Students Return – Classes Commence

Wednesday 24 April

  • Students Return – Term 2 Commences

Thursday 25 April

  • Anzac Day Public Holiday – No Classes

Friday 26 April

  • 2pm – JS Year Level Assemblies

Thursday 21 March

  • College Harmony Day
  • Year 7 Immunisations
  • Inter School Summer Sport

Friday 22 March

  • Year 7-11 Swimming Carnival
  • 2pm – Junior School Assembly – Gym

Tuesday 26 March

  • Parent Teacher Interviews – No Formal Classes

Wednesday 27 March

  • NMR Swimming

Friday 29 March

  • Year 7 Summer Sport
  • 2pm – JS Year Level Assemblies

Friday 5 April

  • 8:45am – JS Easter Bonnett Parade – Gym
  • Last day of term
  • School dismissed at 2pm

Term 2 – 2019

Monday 22 April

  • Easter Monday Public Holiday
  • No Classes

Tuesday 23 April

  • Staff Planning Day
  • No classes

Wednesday 24 April

  • Term 2 Commences
  • All students return

Thursday 25 April

  • Anzac Day Public Holiday
  • No Classes

Friday 26 April

  • School Open
  • Classes Continue

Thursday 2 – Friday 3 May

  • Year 9 Focus Camp

Friday 10 May

  • Curriculum Day
  • No classes

Monday 13 – Friday 17 May

  • Year 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 14 – Thursday 16 May

  • NAPLAN – Year 3, 5, 7, 9 Students