Newsletter 1: Term 1, 2019

Let me paint a picture for you

It’s Thursday, 31st January, sun shining, put simply, just a beautiful morning. It’s around 8.00am and the mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness fills the air as the first few students start to arrive. It’s not long before the courtyards are filled with laughter, loud greetings and excitement as many students see their friends for the first time for the year. There were tears openly flowing from many new parents as they said their final goodbyes to their children before they headed off to their homerooms. By 9.00am silence had fallen across the courtyards and over 3150 students across the College had successfully, calmly and respectfully found their new homes for 2019. It was truly amazing!

I would like to warmly welcome all new families officially to Hazel Glen College and welcome back returning families for another year. I wish all students, parents and guardians all the very best for a successful year ahead. We know education is more effective when a successful partnership between schools and home work together to support each child’s needs and educational journey. We look forward to working with you to ensure the success of your child this year.

This year we formally commenced our first VCE and VCAL pathway options. Students start to think and plan for their future post-secondary education which brings an exciting time to their lives. These final 2 years of education require students to apply themselves to the best of their ability to achieve their best outcome that leads them to reach further study at either TAFE or Tertiary Education, Apprenticeships or moving directly into the Work Force of their choice. Good luck to all our VCE and VCAL students.

I would like to thank the College leadership team and all staff sincerely for their hard work to ensure the start of the year was smooth and successful for all of our students. The grounds and buildings look amazing and the classrooms have been set up to support and engage student learning to the highest standard. I am extremely proud of the staff that we have at Hazel Glen and recognise the quality of the school is based on the wonderful work they do with your children.
Thank you to all the parents who have acknowledged this to me but more importantly to your child’s teachers directly.

Our College culture is very important to us and is embedded in all that we do at Hazel Glen. The Fish Philosophy is represented across the College from Kindergarten students and staff all the way through to our Year 11 student cohort and teachers in many different ways. These vary from visual displays, staff interactions and use of language, student engagement, assemblies, recognition of student achievements and the general climate and expectations of students and staff in the College. I have received extensive positive feedback from families about the feel of the place when they attend the College and am always grateful as this is something we pride ourselves on. For those seeking additional information please go to YouTube and type in “the FISH philosophy” and watch one of the clips.

We think our students look amazing in our College uniform, seeing the thousands of students on day one flooding into the College was like a sea of purple, black and white flowing. Thank you to all families in ensuring your child was in the full correct uniform as this is a compulsory expectation for all students.
I continually field parent concerns over the challenges around traffic management around the College and recognise that this continues to be an issue. I am in regular contact with the City of Whittlesea and PTV to seek alternative improvements particularly around drop off and pick up times. The additional parking at the new sports complex has certainly assisted us but due to our size is still not enough. I respectfully remind people that are traveling by car to obey local parking signs and time limits for the greater good of our College community.

Most importantly I ask for parents to ensure your children are using the pedestrian crossings that are supervised for their safety and to all drivers, please slow down around the College and manage your frustration calmly for the safety of all of our students.

I hope that all of your children have had a great start to the year and ask you to remember that education your children is a partnership, and only by working together can we improve our chances of success. In the end, we all want the same thing, the best for your child.

Best Wishes
Anthony Stockwell

Welcome to the first newsletter for the term, I’m Anthea Jamieson, the Junior School Principal at Hazel Glen College. Every fortnight, we will update you with what’s happening in our Junior School and our College with video news presented either by myself, other staff members or our students.

I would like to begin by giving a very warm welcome to all of our new families, joining us at Hazel Glen this year. Our students are settling in really well and all in all, it’s been a very smooth start. Our new preps are learning new routines and getting lots of practice in being independent, carrying their own bags, unpacking their own bags and then waving a very happy goodbye to mum or dad, knowing that they are safe and cared for by their beautiful prep teachers.

Our students are currently involved in our Hazel Glen Start up program where they spend time building relationships with their classroom teachers, their peers and their specialist teachers. Time is given to revisiting our College values and working to come up with classroom protocols to ensure a safe and positive learning environment for all. Kindness and being kind is an essential behaviour trait that is expected from everyone at Hazel Glen.

Hopefully you were able to attend our 2019 Meet the Teacher session on Wednesday. I’ve had lots of great feedback from parents about the night. By now you should have also received your relevant Year Level newsletter through Compass which outlines information specific to your child’s learning programs and dates of events taking place in term 1. We value open and respectful communication with our families in order to ensure a great partnership in each child’s journey at Hazel Glen. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, they are available every morning and afternoon in the classroom or alternatively

you can book a meeting through the Junior School reception or email your child’s teachers through Compass. Compass is an important avenue of communication so if you are experiencing any difficulty at all, please see Lisa Burich at our Junior School reception.

We love having parents involved and engaged in our classroom learning. If you would like to help out in our classrooms this year, you will need to attend our Parent Helper training session on the evening of Wednesday 20th Feb at 6.30. Please register your interest with Lisa at the Junior School office, if you have already completed the training at the college previously, you do not need to do it again.

Whilst we are always working hard on developing and building upon student literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills, this year our Junior School staff will have a big focus in their professional learning on the teaching of maths in order to positively impact student outcomes in the area of numeracy.

Our Junior School and Year Level assemblies are now on Friday afternoon starting just after 2pm. Please feel welcome to come along and join in the fun.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Bye for now.
Anthea Jamieson
Junior School Principal

Welcome to new and existing families of Hazel Glen College for 2019.  It is with great excitement that we opened our doors on Thursday 31st January to a new cohort of Middle School students.  I know that there were many feelings of nerves, excitement and anticipation for both our students and teachers.  I certainly felt a lot of emotion in seeing some 1000 Middle School students enter our College.  We are thrilled to welcome our Year 5 students to Middle School.  We have already seen them take on challenges of lockers, cafeteria and timetables with great maturity.  Our Year 7 students look outstanding in their blazers and have also adapted seamlessly to their new environment.  It has been a great start to the year and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Our uniform looks simply stunning! The students are wearing their uniform with pride and showing great respect for themselves and the College.  Thank you to all parents for your support in ensuring the uniform is worn by your children in its entirety every day.  Can I please remind Year 7 and 8 parents that Blazers are our official College attire and are to be worn to and from the College.  Students will be notified if they do not need to wear their blazer due to hot weather.

Hazel Glen College provides many opportunities for our students to develop themselves as leaders.  We would like to congratulate Brooklyn Lindsay and Chelsea Boyd for being elected as our Middle School Captains and James Proietto and Katerina Zissimou for being elected as our Middle School Vice Captains for 2019.  We are extremely proud of these students for demonstrating our College values and for their commitment to lead our College with pride this year.  We know they will do an amazing job.  We are currently seeking students interested in House Captain, House Leader and Co-Curricular Captain roles.  The students have been notified through Compass how to nominate for these positions.

Middle School Assemblies provide an integral part of our Culture here at Hazel Glen College.  These assemblies provide many students with the opportunity to perform, present and highlight their great achievements throughout the year.  We always encourage parents to attend and help support these celebrations. Assembly times for each term can be viewed on compass. Notifications will also be sent out through Compass to alert parents of these times.

Hazel Glen College values our partnerships with families and the importance of open communication.  We work hard with our families to achieve the best possible outcomes for all the children at our College.  In order to ensure that communication is open and clear we ask that any parents/guardians wishing to meet with their child’s teacher book a meeting through the Middle School reception located on the bottom level of our Middle School building or email your child’s teachers through Compass. This process ensures meetings are not rushed and teachers are able to give their full attention to your needs.

Thank you all for your contribution to the smooth start we have had at our College so far. I look forward to our extended partnership throughout 2019 and the great opportunities we can continue to offer our students.

Anthony Oldmeadow
Middle School Principal

I would like to start by welcoming all of our Year 9 parents as their students have now transitioned up into Senior school. Whilst Year 9 is part of Senior school, we do see it as a stand-alone year level that is designed to build students connectedness with school and their local and wider community. It is designed to build student confidence and skills in working with others, solving problems and push them out of their comfort zone as they mature and become young adults in a twenty-first century world. This weeks focus camp, where students go away for two days and camp overnight in Warrandyte, whilst this camp is great fun and student love the activities it is a great opportunity for students and staff to build relationships that are the foundation for a positive learning environment for the year ahead. We know from experience that our Year 9 students develop incredibly positive connections with their teachers and peers and this, of course, leads to great personal growth both inside and outside the classroom.

This year, which is the start of Year 6 at Hazel Glen College, we have welcomed our first Year 11 cohort of students. The students have made a great start arriving back from their holidays with a positive mindset and have set about their VCE studies with real enthusiasm. This year we have over 20 subjects running at Year 11 and 4 subjects running at Year 12 level with these students sitting their first VCE exams at the end of this year.

We have also welcomed our first VCAL classes and it has been really pleasing to see these students settling into their VET courses which they attend on Wednesdays as well as organising their work placements that they will attend throughout the year.

Our Year 10 students have moved from the Year 9 area up to the Senior School building and are settling into the teaching and learning process well with their new teachers. This transition of building also brings with it a more senior school day where students move around rooms and change classes each period, it also brings an increased personal responsibility to organise home learning. Year 10 students are still organising their work experience placements for may this year and I congratulate all those who have approached employers and secured placements. There is still time for students without placements and we will be encouraging those students to confirm with employers in the coming weeks.

Whilst most Senior students uniform has looked really smart, I would just like to remind parents that socks should be either grey or white and never black, not even with PE uniform and that tracksuit pant should have the college logo on them as they are the approved style. Another uniform reminder is that nose piercings should have a clear plastic sleeper in them so they are not visible.

I would like to invite parents of students studying a VCE or VCAL subjects this year along to an information night next Tuesday 19th February at 7pm in the Performing Arts Centre. As this is our first full year of VCE and VCAL we would like to hold a session to inform parent about the processes and expectations that exist and how to help your child to succeed.

I am excited about the year ahead and wish all of our students and parents a successful 2019!

Neil Baillie
Senior School Principal