Yr 7s have a visit from Merri Creek’s Waterwatch Officers

Learning about the environment and the world around us is a key component of HGC’s curriculum.
On Monday and Tuesday of this week, HGC’s Year 7s enjoyed a visit from Merri Creek Management Committee’s Waterwatch officers, Julia and Trevor. The students learnt about taxonomy and classification, using dichotomus key waterbugs, or aquatic macro invertebrates. Waterbugs are the main source of food for animals such as frogs, platypus, fish and water fowl. They are also a bioindicator of river and creek ecological health. Students got to get up close to live waterbugs including dragonflies (pictured) waterboatman, backswimmers and caddisflies, a favourite food of platypus. They then presented their work on identification and classification to Order level in front of the class.

If you are interested in learning more about about this amazing waterlife, why not attend the community session at the plenty river, National Waterbug Blitz event? The sessions run on Saturday 30 November (11am-2pm) on the Plenty River at Carome Homestead in Mernda – FOR FREE!!! Make sure you book at www.mcmc.org.au.