Yr 7 Girls Soccer Try Outs

We encourage all Year 7 girls interested in trying out for soccer this term to leave their details on the sign up sheet outside of J2.05.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Soccer:
  • Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with 265 million soccer players worldwide!
  • With so many fans around the world, soccer is the sport to play if you want to become a worldwide famous sports star!
  • Playing soccer is inexpensive.
  • Soccer game play is fluid, with relatively few stops and starts.
  • The rules for soccer are straightforwad making it easy to learn.
  • Skill and creativity are the greatest skills needed in soccer rather than strength and size.
  • It is an Olympic sport!
  • Soccer crosses cultural barrier, creating bonds between people living across the globe.
  • There are more opportunities to compete internationally at both amateur and professional levels.
  • Soccer is a relatively safe sport!
So, if you are an HGC Year 7 Girl and like the idea of taking part in this amazing sport, this is an exciting opportunity to take part in the world’s most popular sport, get fit, enjoy team spirit, make some new friends and have fun with old ones!
Come along and give it a shot!