Year 6 Talk–Success and Leadership

A lesson for everyone on how we can overcome severe adversity to achieve phenomenal success!

HGC’s Year 6 students had a visit from the incredible hockey player Carly James.

Carly spoke to the students about her amazing journey from just starting out at her local hockey club in Year 6 to one of her proudest moments as an adult when she got to hear the Australian National Anthem played when she represented Australia in New Zealand.

As a child, Carly’s Saturdays were choc-full of all kinds of sport…athletics, netball and hockey.

In her teens, Carly repeatedly made the “B Team” while her friends made the “A Team”. But that never stopped her. She kept on getting back up again! Nothing was going to hold her back. She has had to battle some serious injuries along the way. In Year 12 she had a shoulder reconstruction and is currently managing a lower back injury. But no matter what, Carly stays focussed on her goals.

This was in incredible story that stressed the importance of resilience and being able to fight through tough times, even when there seems to be so many obstacles in your way.
Carly also shared with the HGC students the importance of setting goals, learning from those goals and sticking to them. She assured students that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that losing can be really tough, but every single person is valued – and to remember that if you put in the hard work, you will be rewarded!

These are valuable lessons that everyone can take on-board, no matter what your goal!

Students left inspired to follow their dreams no matter what…and we can’t wait to see where those dreams lead them!