Warning! Heatwaves and Earthquakes Hit 5C

Class 5C have had a tumultuous Term learning how to write persuasive and informative texts about earthquakes, heatwaves and family vs friends.

Let’s hear from them about their learning journey this term:



Alice D. – 5C

Persuasive Essay – Family or Friends?

In English, the students of 5C have been learning how to effectively persuade an audience. The students planned, drafted and published a persuasive essay discussing the topic, ‘Family is more important than friends’. Our learning intentions surrounded building the capacity to correctly structure am essay while including persuasive techniques such as; language devices, facts and evidence and emotional appeal.

Majson C. – 5C
Informative Essay – European Heatwave
During English, the students of 5C have been learning how to effectively inform an audience. The students planned, researched, drafted and published an informative essay about a specific natural disaster. The focus of our learning was to effectively research and reference using various resources, correctly structure an informative essay and include technical and descriptive vocabulary.


Sienna B. – 5C

Informative Poster – Earthquakes
During Humanities (Geography), the students of 5C have been learning about our natural world. During Term 3, the students developed their researching skills and represented their learning on a type of natural disaster using a poster. Our learning intentions focused on the structure and features of an effective poster, researching and referencing resources appropriately and asking quality questions to gain greater comprehension.