STEM Building Challenge

STEM Building Challenge Report
By Raghav and Febin 6B

During Education Week, HGC held a contest held to see who could build the tallest tower balanced on only one cube. The contest was held in J205 at lunchtime for Middle School students. The materials you could use were paddle pop sticks, little cups and tiny cubes.

Rules were:

1.Your starting base has to be a tiny cube.
2. No part of your tower can touch the ground other than the one cube.
2 You can’t stack the cups inside each other.
3. Don’t knock down other people’s towers.
4. You could not make your tower close to anybody.
5. Your tower has to stand up on its own for at least a minute.

You could have partner or work by yourself. The teacher who held this contest was Mrs Webley and she made everyone glad that they were there. There were some funny moments like someone made a tall tower and it collapsed!

The hardest part to make the tower, is to balance it on a single tiny cube. There were about fifteen to twenty people came to the contest. The lucky people who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd were applauded by everyone in the room, and the winner won a prize. Well done to those who tried to make the tallest tower.

We give sincere thanks to Mrs Webley who held the contest.