Middle School Video: Clash of the Minds at Tournament of the Minds

E-Hi I’m Elijah
K-And I’m Katerina, we are here to talk about the performing arts tournament of minds competition
E-This long term competition took lots of preparation including after school meetings, recess and lunchtimes and even during class time
K-in tournament of minds there was many rules and guidelines such as you had wear black clothing and all props and costumes must be made from scratch(from a list of allowed materials
E-even though we had all these rules we still put up an amazing show, and I’m sure we all had fun doing it
K-our team was made up 7 students, Abbey, Matt, Evie, Matilda, Sophie, Elijah and me ranging from year five to year seven
E-we all arrived at 12:45pm at la Trobe University in Bundoora excited for the days events
K-our long term challenge was at 1:20pm and the topic freedom through the decades
E-The performance went for about 9min close to a limit of 10min
K-after we finished our long term challenge there was time for a quick break then at 2:10pm we entered the spontaneous challenge
E-The spontaneous challenge was a challenge was a challenge where a few judges give you a prompt and you must quickly answer it as a team
K-they judge you on teamwork, communication between team members, and your final agreed answer
E-I thought that, that went pretty well
K-we exited the venue with smiles on our faces and high hopes we would make it to the next round
E-we have not yet found out the results but I’m confident we did an amazing job
K-thank you for listening
E-and I hope that you will join the team someday