Medieval Fun and Mayhem hits HGC

On the 23rd and 24th of August the Year 8s committed to an exhilarating day of medieval fun. A variety of medieval experts arrived in an assortment of colourful costumes to instruct the students in the finer points of how to properly wield a sword or to enrapture a medieval court with lively dances.

The sessions that were run included medieval combat, medieval dance, medieval fashion and medieval crime and punishment. Students had a chance not just to hear about history but to hold it in their hands. The day reinforced the knowledge that students have been learning in the classroom and offered an opportunity for fostering a further appreciation for the many different factors that led us to our modern world.

The day reinforced Hazel Glen College’s commitment to delivering a Humanities curriculum that is exciting, engaging and relevant to the lives of its students. A curriculum that seeks not only to fill minds but also to ignite passions.


Michael Di Ciocco

Middle School Humanities Coordinator.