Makayla and Vicki talk about Year 8 Camp

M: Good afternoon, I’m Makayla and this is Vicki and we’re going to have a brief talk about year 8 camp. Our camp was held at Merricks Lodge along the Mornington peninsula where a group of over 70 students stayed over the course of one week in 3 day intervals. Our camp had lots to offer us as activities were ranged from snorkeling to surfing. 

V: There were an array of water and land activities for all students to participate in, this included: snorkelling, surfing, raft building, beach games and orienteering. Most of the water activities required wet suits which kept us warm and safe from hard corals and rocks. Snorkelling was one of the many highly anticipated water activities where we wore a wetsuit, fins and snorkel, we started off with snorkel theory where we learnt the basics such as: equalising, duck diving and fin use. Later that day we went to the Flinders jetty to snorkel in the ocean. Surfing was another great water activity, we went out into the ocean and practised the skills that we learnt in the sand with the instructors and with all groups participating.

M: Another thing that we did was beach games, where we played on the beach and in the water with the people in our groups. We ended up seeing dolphins close to the sand and one of the students got close enough to swim with them. 

V: Raft building and orienteering were the main land activities, raft building was a team building exercise where we were given limited amounts of pipe, rope and planks of wood, in the end most group’s rafts floated. Orienteering tested our navigation, teamwork and problem solving skills when we went around the camp site to find signs which said the locations of places along the peninsula. 

M: We had trivia night hosted by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Zavona, then followed by a movie the next night for camp 1 and a games and movie night for camp 2. Overall, camp was an enjoyable and different experience that we encourage students to go on the following years to come.