Learning From Home— MS Student Reflection

Hello, my name is Oviya and I am a grade 5 student at HGC.

Being a student in these times has both its challenges and its benefits.

For instance, some of the benefits include having more time to do what you love the most, such as cooking, art and physical activity. Another benefit is that you can stay in your pyjamas all day, even during classes. You don’t have to wear your school uniform at all! And finally, you can snack any time you feel hungry. No more waiting for the bell to ring with a rumbling tummy!

Whereas, one of the biggest challenges is not having your friends around. This makes learning a lot more difficult.

I have found the following ideas have helped to keep me feeling connected during remote learning:

  • Write a letter to your friends and mail them through the post. Remember, emails aren’t the only way you can communicate!

  • Learn a new magic trick and impress your family. Make it a Saturday night ritual!

  • Why don’t try helping mum or dad cook dinner? Or even better, give them a stay-at-home holiday by planning and cooking the whole meal!

  • Try doing the minute-to-win-it challenge. The whole family can do this. Make some small and fun 1 minute challenges. For instance, who can pair the most socks in 1 minute? Then have one person acting as a goalkeeper at the sock draw while the rest of you see who can throw the most socks in the sock draw. See how many socks the goalkeeper can catch and how many socks you can get in the draw!

There’s plenty of fun to be had- it’s just a matter of being creative.

Oviya Year 5