Expedition – Your journey to self-discovery starts here!

Expedition puts our Year 9 students in a natural environment filled with quiet and calm. It is the perfect setting to discover new things about yourself and to strengthen friendships along the way.

This journey gives Year 9 students a great opportunity to develop self-control, critical thinking, patience, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership and self- reflection. Not to mention being HEAPS OF FUN!

Year 9 can be a stressful time where adolescents have to grapple with all sorts of changes, both physical and emotional. They are beginning to question their place in the world and are facing questions about their future pathways. Expedition gives students some breathing space away from the constantly evolving world; a place where they can think about their future and discover who they are away from the bustle and noise of every day life.

The Year 9 Expedition offers students a safe and fun base to build upon their burgeoning independence and confidence, as well as offering space to acquire essential personal skills such as cooking, hygiene, packing and camp craft skills over a 6 day canoe and bushwalking journey.

What an amazing platform to launch the rest of their lives! We all look forward to having you back with us and hearing about your amazing adventures.