There is a virus around the globe.

Making everyone stay at home.

Children and adults not using their brains,

Everyone is going insane!

Online school is literally a terror,

iPad screens saying ‘ERROR’.

This is not fair.

This situation is so hard to bear!

Stay away from people is all they say,

Electricity bills are now double the pay.

People going to Centrelink,

Instead of skating at the ice-rink.

Everyone is shopping, day and night,

Isn’t it crazy that toilet paper is causing a fight?

Thank goodness this isn’t the final stage,

Always remember to help people of old age.

Dinner is now two-minute noodles,

Activities are just drawing doodles.

Hand sanitiser is out of stock,

Giving everyone a huge shock!

Naughty people getting fines,

Surely everyone will now stay within the boundary lines.

Lots of people only talking over the phone.

Soon, everything will be delivered by drone.

Everybody is watching the news,

To see what our leaders will choose.

Now it is time to do stay at home dances,

This will reduce your Covid-19 chances.

If you are feeling school sick,

Facetiming your friends will do the trick.

People are getting bored, all day long,

It would be fun to get a karaoke machine and sing-along.

In 20 years when I have a child…

I will tell them how 2020 was so wild!

Antara Year 6