‘Around Australia!’ with Taylah & Lily (Yr 6)


In Year 6 humanities Term 2 , we have been focusing on geography. Recently we have been comparing other countries to Australia. Currently we are working on a key assessment task called “Around Australia!” We have to plan a trip around Australia, making sure that we spend 7 days in each state. We have a budget of $20,000 and with that we have to book in to at least two hotels and 5-10 activities in each state. We have worked out that the average year 6 budget is approximately $16,500.

The Year 6’s have been working on this key assessment task over the past three weeks and have seven more weeks to go! This week we are planning a trip to sunny Queensland and next week we will be working on the vibrant Northern Territory.

This is by far our favourite Year 6 project and all of us can’t wait to see how it turns out! And don’t forget…if you are planning a trip around Australia, why not ask for some travel tips from an HGC Year 6?

Taylah and Lily (Year 6)