Video: Benji and Monique talk about maths day

Miss Reid: Hi my name is Ms Reid and this Benji and Monique who are Year 3 students. We are here today to talk about Hazel Glen College’s second annual Maths Day.

Benji: First we have some maths questions for you Ms Reid.

Monique: Our first question is a bit of a tricky one. I don’t know if you’re going to get it. What is 1+1?

Ms Reid: Hmm 2

Benji: Correct. This is another hard question 2+2=

Ms Reid: Let me think 4

Monique: Correct. This is a really hardcore question 5+6=

Ms Reid: Let me use my near doubles, is it 11

Benji: Correct. Wow you are pretty amazing at maths Ms Reid, this will probably be too easy to…What is 124 times 33.2?

Ms Reid: Hmmm

Monique: Don’t worry Ms Reid, the answer is 4,116.8 Good try Ms Reid, keep practicing those times tables. Benji, do you love maths?

Benji: Maths is the best! Hazel Glen College’s second annual maths day is happening this term on Thursday the 8th of November during Week 5.

Monique: Each class is competing in a coin collection challenge and have begun collecting loose change in their classrooms. The class and year level with the heaviest coin collection will win prizes for their classroom. All the money raised will go towards buying a giant connect 4 for the playground.

Benji: Our class 3B is going to win the coin challenge for sure. We will start Maths Day off with an assembly where we will announce the winners of the coin challenge. Parents are welcome to attend this assembly and then join the activities in classrooms for session 2.

Monique: From session 2 onwards each year level will be doing their own maths themed activities.

Benji: Preps, will be doing teddy bear maths.
Year 1s will be doing Money, Money, Money!

Monique: Year 2’s will be doing Masterchef.
The Year 3s will be searching for treasure and doing pirate maths. My pirate name is Flying Slappy Scurvy.

Benji: Well my pirate name is Stinky Blubber Joe. Our Year 4’s you will be doing Toilet paper maths and finishing the day off with a toilet paper fashion show.

Benji: So don’t forget Maths Day is on Thursday of Week 5. Remember to keep bringing in coins for your class and year level so we can raise money for giant connect fours.