‘Rock Art’ Kindness Project

Junior School Student Representative Council ‘Rock Art’ Kindness Project

Throughout Term 1, the Junior School Student Representative Council (SRC) promoted and sold ‘Bullying No Way’ wristbands to spread awareness about the National Day of Action (NDA). The NDA focuses on empowering students to be part of the solution when addressing bullying and to understand the importance of kindness.

With the profit gained from the wristband sales, the SRC put their heads together to think of a way the money could be used to spread the message of kindness across the Junior School. One of the SRC members, Charlotte Baillie, began to research ideas and discovered the ‘Rock Art’ project inspired by the picture storybook ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz. Charlotte put this idea forward at the next SRC meeting and the students agreed that this was the perfect idea.

With some planning and organisation, the ‘Rock Art’ project was underway. The SRC students videoed and recorded a reading of the book ‘Only One You’ and shared this at a Junior School Assembly. Each Junior School class participated in a PEP lesson where the book was the focus and the important messages were discussed. Each student then had the opportunity to paint their own rock. Each rock is a visual representation of individuality and the power we have when we work together.

Over the next few weeks, our College Maintenance team will be working hard to create our ‘Rock Art’ garden, which will be located near the Year 3 playground. A sign will accompany the garden, which has been created by a Year 10 student, Kodee Corr. The sign includes the following quote from the story; “There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place”.