Premiers Reading Challenge – Let the reading begin!

The Premiers Reading Challenge is off to a flying start! We are challenging our students to beat last year’s amazing effort. Of the 1060 students registered in 2018, 679 completed the challenge. That’s a whopping 64%. With every student in P-2 completed the challenge.

Every student in the JS has been enrolled!

Prep parents
If you read a book to your child that is on the PRC booklist please add the book. You can even just login at the end of the week and add them in one go. The list of books is huge and most books are on it.

Years 3-4
Your kids need to read their own books.

It would be awesome if all of our JS could achieve the required number of books (30 read/experienced for P-2 and 15 books read for Years 3-4).

Let’s aim for 100% participation in this year’s Premiers Reading Challenge!