Maddison S. from 4D reflects on the Ricky Kirkham incursion

On the 14th of February, Ricky Kirkham came to our school to talk about the Parliament, Government and Democracy. Ricky Kirkham was the youngest mayor of Whittlesea. Now he is working for the local government. He told us that he met the Prime minister. Ricky Kirkham also told us how the voting system works. He had also told us what government was. Ricky Kirkham told us about different types of governments like Federal, State and local government. – Maddison S (4D)

All the Year 4 students loved Ricky’s visit about the role of government in Australia as it consolidated what the Year 4 students had been learning in class. Ricky spoke about Local and municipal government and how they create laws to create a safe environment, such as creating safe parking around schools, help provide community services such as soccer fields, swimming pools and kindergarten centres.

Ricky also explained that Australia is a democracy and described some of the other types of governments around the world.

Year 4 students even got to participate in a mock voting process where Mr Roberts won on preferences over Ricky Kirkham.

There was also a fun question time where Ricky Kirkham answered the student’s questions regarding government.

What a great experience for the Year 4’s – we look forward to seeing you become leaders in the future!