Learning From Home—JS Student Reflection

What was a highlight of Home Learning?

It was much easier to concentrate on my own, and I found I could do my best work. I liked being able to work at my own pace, and I loved having breaks on the trampoline!

What did you miss about going to school?

I missed seeing my friends and chatting with them. I missed being in the classroom with my teacher because I like learning from her.

What have you been thankful for?

That I can still learn and do my school work whatever happens.

What was the most interesting thing you have learnt this term?

That’s a hard question, everything that I’ve learnt has been interesting!

I set up a home experiment to view the life cycle of a caterpillar.

I learnt a lot of new things about caterpillars and realised I was actually viewing the life cycle of a wasp!

Having a caterpillar inspired me to learn more about caterpillars, and I spent time researching them and learnt a lot of new things!

A wasp had injected the caterpillar in my experiment with its eggs; they hatched into larvae inside the caterpillar and began consuming him from the inside out.

The wasp larvae used mind control, so after they emerged from my caterpillar, my caterpillar spent the remainder of his life protecting them.

What advise would you give your fellow students?

If you want to learn more, be curious!

Ben, Year 3