Eva and Minuka talk about the Year 2 sleepover and disco

Miss Sturgess: On Friday the 9th of November, all of the Year 2 students and teachers slept the night at Hazel Glen College for the Year 2 Sleepover. The Sleepover is a part of the College Camping Program and is a great way to prepare the students for the Camp they will go on in Year 3.
Minuka: At the Sleepover, we had so much fun. First we had to set up our beds in the Learning Neighbourhoods. Then we got to do different activities like P.E games, Board Games and Mindfulness Colouring.
Eva: For dinner we ate pizza and had some fruit. And for breakfast in the morning we had cereal, toast and juice. It was yum!
Minuka: At night time we went to a disco and did lots of crazy dancing. We also got to watch a movie in bed before going to sleep.
Eva: The best part of the Year 2 Sleepover was sleeping at school with my friends and teachers.
Minuka: I am proud of myself for staying over the night, and now I feel ready and excited for camp next year!