Celebrating diversity at HGC: Next week is Harmony Week

Hey there Junior School!

What world would it be if we didn’t have pasta? Or the Macarena to bust out? Pad Thai on a night when the bbq just won’t start?

What if we were never exposed to the amazing KPop song Gangnam Style? What move would we have pulled in 2012?
The world would be pretty plain if we only ate shrimp on the BBQ and listened to Shannon Noll!

So let’s get together to celebrate Harmony Week and share the wonderful and diverse cultures that make our community so great! Over the week, students will participate in activities in their classroom focusing on respect and difference.

On Friday 22 March, the students will come together for our Junior School assembly where we will celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and talk about respecting and celebrating difference.

At the assembly, students will sing the song, ‘Everyone Belongs’ and we will have a performance from our Junior School Choir. We will showcase Hazel Glen’s diverse culture and celebrate the variety of cultural backgrounds.

If you would like to express your cultural heritage, please feel free to dress in your traditional costume. Students are welcome to change into their cultural costume/dress at lunchtime.
If you would like to find out more about Harmony Day, why not visit: https://www.harmony.gov.au