100 Days of Learning in Foundation

Last Friday, the Foundation students finally reached their 100 Days of Learning! Although it has been a very unique and challenging year, the Foundation teachers are incredibly proud of the students’ resilience, persistence and positive attitudes. Due to remote learning, our celebrations from school have been postponed but that didn’t stop the Foundation students celebrating from home. Teachers planned activities themed around 100, presented their class with a ‘100 Days of Learning’ certificate and shared photos of their students as 100 year olds. The highlight of the day, without doubt, was the ‘Party in your PJs’ virtual disco, hosted by DJ Sam I Am from KDP Digital Disco. There were plenty of BIG smiles and lots of dancing from students and teachers. It definitely brightened the mood for all. 

This year, our 100 Days of Learning celebration is one our students and teachers will not forget and we look forward to celebrating again when we are back at school!