New buildings, new students – a BIG start!

As you have been walking around the school grounds over the last few days you will have noticed that there have been a LOT of BIG changes to Hazel Glen College over the Summer break.

You will have noticed many new faces in the classroom and playground. Remember how you felt when you first came to HGC? Joining a new school can be a bit daunting. Make sure you say ‘hello!’ to new students and make them feel welcome. You might like to show them around, include them in a lunchtime game or just hang out together.  You never know, you might just make a really great friend.

Along with all the new faces, there are a lot of new buildings too! There are several new clusters of portables throughout the school grounds and we are very excited by the opening of the HGC STEAM Centre. Students have already started exploring some incredibly creative, innovative and exciting projects in STEAM. We can’t wait to see the wonderful things they create and do throughout the school year!