Parent Session: Supporting your Child in the Digital World

Supporting your child in the digital world – Tracey Porter

Tracey Porter, an expert in the field of Digital Safety is coming to Hazel Glen College to talk about being safe online with our students and our parents.

With the explosion of digital technology, the issue of online bullying is emerging as the number one issue confronting the safety and wellbeing of young people and the wider community. Together with associated technology including 4G mobile telephones, Instant Messaging (MSN), online games and the popularity of social networking sites such as SnapChat and Instagram, today’s youth have access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide.

The Internet offers an exciting world of experiences for children and the whole family.  It can be entertaining, educational and rewarding—and provides countless opportunities to create, connect and communicate.  However, just as in the real world, these rapidly developing technologies also have risks and challenges.

Here at Hazel Glen College, we are constantly educating the students and wider community on the how to use the internet safely both at school and home. We have committed to facing Cyber Safety issues head on!

Tracey Porter will be at Hazel Glen College on Tuesday 6 March at 7pm to share her outlook with parents.


Please Note: This is a parents and guardians session only. Some content may be mature in nature and not suitable for children.

Tickets are limited. Click her for bookings.