Year 9s visit Mercy Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

On Thursday the 31st of August, a group of Hazel Glen students had the privilege of attending the Mercy Hospital. We were extremely lucky to be chosen for this experience.

The Mercy Hospital for Women is a hospital that cares for the premature babies in need of help to develop, grow and become stronger. We learnt about the neonatal intensive care and special care units,

We were able and lucky enough to walk through these units and gain an insight on what these babies are going through and the obstacles and risks on a day by day basis. Some of the children were as little as 26 weeks weighing 500g, which is equivalent to the weight of butter and the length of someone’s hand. These children were suffering from all sorts of traumatic and life threatening cases.

It was definitely a very unique experience and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to go, we all learnt so much and by experiencing what we had it has given us an insight of other people lives and the tough obstacles some families may face.

Alianah and Year 9 students