Video: Year 3s go wild about camp!

E: Hi I am Elisha Tabain and I am the Year Level Leader for Year 3 at Hazel Glen College. Mitchell, Isabel and I are here today to share with you the amazing fun we had at our Year 3 Camp last week. Last Monday, our Year 3 students and teachers headed off to Lady Nortchote Camp in Bacchus Marsh. Mitchell, what was your highlights of camp.
M: We headed off on the bus together Monday morning and I was feeling so nervous, but excited at the same time. The bus ride was really long and we kept asking the teachers are we there yet.
I: We finally arrived at camp and took our bags to the cabins. I was really excited to be in a cabin with my friends. The first activity I did was the initiatives course where we had to work as a team to complete challenges. My favourite challenge was the giant seesaw where we had to work together in our activity group to balance the seesaw for as long as we could. It was really tricky, but we balanced it for 7 seconds. What was your favourite activity Mitchell?
M: I loved the giant swing! I think it was everyone’s favourite activity. I challenged myself even though I was terrified to go to the top of the giant swing. I pulled the cord to start swinging and my stomach dropped! It was a crazy feeling! I can’t wait to go on the giant swing again at Year 4 camp. What was your favourite activity Isabel?
I: My favourite activity would have to be the survivor challenge. We put our survival skills to the test and made damper over the fire. I had jam and butter on my damper and it tasted exactly like scones. We then had to work as a team to make a waterproof hut. Unfortunately, our hut building skills weren’t the best and when our teacher, Miss Reid poured water over our hut we got SOAKED! I also loved canoeing! I was in my teacher’s canoe and we splashed everyone! We also played tricks on people like pretending we didn’t know how to paddle and splashing them and holding on to others people’s canoe. I loved the night time activities, did you Mitchell?
M: Yeah they were awesome! On the first night we had a disco and we had a dance worm battle on stage. The teachers taught us how to do the Nutbush and macarena. The second night we watched a movie and had popcorn, but most of us fell asleep because we had had so much fun during the day.
I: Camp was definitely the highlight of Year 3 for me. I loved getting to know all the year 3 students and teachers better and challenging myself with all the activities.
E: Camp certainly was a highlight not only for students, but us teachers as well! My favourite activity was definitely canoeing. There was lots of splashing and we got very wet, but it was beautiful sunny day so we didn’t mind. Thank you Mitchell and Isabel and thank you for listening.