Talking tennis with HGC’s tennis champ Jai (5D)

                                                                          Interstate Bruce Cup


What do you enjoy about tennis?

It’s fun it gives me something to do and keeps me active.


What made you want to play tennis?

I have too much energy and my parents thought it would be a good way to burn energy.


How old were you when you started?



Who are your sporting heroes and what do you admire about them?

Federer is my sporting hero from tennis, I like him because he has a good attitude on court.

What is one of your favourite moments from your tennis playing?

Making it into the Victorian State Team, because I am the first ever 10 year old to make it through. Most of the other players are 11+.


How do you balance school with tennis?

I play tennis on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, – each session I train on average for 90 minutes


What do you outside of tennis?

I play table tennis and footy a lot.


What are your future aspirations?

To be world number one.


How do you think you’ll be able to get there?

By training hard and staying healthy.


What is a tennis skill that you can use in other aspects of your life eg. School, home, other sports.

Ball skills, hand-eye coordination, and competitiveness.


How do you feel about representing your state in the Bruce’s Cup?

Very happy because I get 6 days off school!