Student Safety First – bus registration now open

At HGC we believe that using public transport to and from school is a fantastic step towards fostering student responsibility and independence. It also decreases congestion and helps our environment.
At HGC we take student safety VERY SERIOUSLY. To assist in this, we are implementing a Hazel Glen College School Bus Registration Form. For our HGC students to use the student bus service they must register their expected use of the bus by completing the registration form.
Please note: for your child to be able to gain access to use the bus services in term 2, the registration form must be completed and returned to the Junior School, Middle School or Year 9 administration offices no later than:
FRIDAY, 31st MARCH, 2017. 
Students who do not register prior to this date will not be able to use the bus services. All applications following this date will need to be made in writing and addressed to the College Bus Coordinator, Mrs Andrea Lynch.
Once registered, students will receive a College bus pass which is to be presented to the supervising staff member prior to boarding the bus. Failure to present their pass may result in not gaining access to travel on the bus. They will also need a registered MYKI and be registered at the HGC office when travelling via Public Transport Victoria (PTV) who provide these bus services which stop at the Hazel Glen College bus stops. Timetables and maps can be obtained from the College’s main administration office or via the PTV website.
Please contact Andrea Lynch (Bus Coordinator) if you have any questions or queries.
To find out more about the registration process and to access the registration form please click here: