News From Mr Stockwell

Well, Term 2 is back and what an amazing week it has been. I’m learning and being challenged by new things every day.

Flexible remote learning is upon us all, and I hope that your week has been a successful one. I hope that you have had some success stories amongst the challenges. Thank you to the many families and students for your words of gratitude, thanks and encouragement as we tackle the new way of teaching for us all. As a College, we are encouraged by the positive and constructive feedback we have received and we will continue to make progressive adjustments to the delivery of the learning we are developing and providing.

I reinforce this is new to us all and that every teacher is working to their capacity to meet the needs of every child they teach. I can tell you that not one teacher at the College entered this profession to work remotely with children. We all got into this because of our love of children and to make a positive impact in their lives. We are still trying to do that just in a different way. Trust me when I tell you teachers are missing students greatly and finding it very difficult and challenging. 

I would like to recognise the efforts of all parents and guardians in supporting and guiding your child’s learning from home. You have all successfully passed your probation period towards becoming an educator-congratulations! 

I fully accept the children need you particularly our younger and more vulnerable ones- doing this on top of working from home I’m sure is very difficult for many of you, but it will get easier as your child adapts to this way of learning. 

Let me paint a picture for you around education. From the minute your child enters formal schooling, they are taught to conform. They are told where to sit, who to sit with when to learn, read, eat and play. They are told how to do everything, and now everything that they have ever been taught has changed, and they are required to be self-managing. 

Unfortunately, this does not just happen, people need time to change. But there is a silver lining- kids adapt much quicker than adults, and it will happen.

I want to finally acknowledge all the teachers and support staff across the College, they are simply amazing, and I’m very proud of them all. Everything I’ve asked of them they have done to a high standard and in the most professional and committed way. I’m proud to be their principal.

Finally, I’ve been asked many times throughout this week about how things are going so if I was to give this week and assessment it would be outstanding, simply because I have had no student parent or community member inform me of any coronavirus concerns which is a blessing.  

Thank you for all your ongoing support to all staff. We will continue to work in partnership with you and your children during these challenging times.

Best Wishes

Anthony Stockwell