HGC eSports H4 Tournament 30.11.19

This term’s eSports tournament saw the last one out for the year and the first one held on a Saturday for HGC! Students competed in Fortnite, League of Legends, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Competitors came from Eltham High School, Australian International Academy, Collingwood, as well as HGC. We are incredibly proud of all the students who competed during the tournament. We would also like to thank the HGC competitors for their sportsmanship and their warmth in welcoming external students to our College.


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Senior

1st – Seth W., 2nd – Jack K., 3rd David P.

Honourable mention – Zain H.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Junior

1st – Shannon G., 2nd – Riley G., 3rd – Irvin P.

Honourable mention – Camden P.

Mario Kart 8 Senior:

1st – Joel H., 2nd – Billi S., 3rd – Sienna Q.

Mario Kart 8 Junior:

1st – Casey D., 2nd – Ryan C.