The 2020 HGC Community Colour run will be held on Thursday 5 March from 5:00pm – 7:00pm for all students and families in our community.

The event will see participants making their way around the senior school oval while getting blasted with coloured powder, sprinklers and having to navigate various obstacles. Throughout the event there will be access to food trucks that will be located in the senior school car park and the atmosphere will be provided by an opportunity for students to participate in open mic and musical performances.

The Community Colour Run is a whole school fundraiser for HGC and doubles as our biggest house team event. The winning house will be the house that can raise the most money during the fundraising period. Houses will also make a donation to their house charity based on how much they raise. The money raised will go towards upgrading our buildings and facilities.

Students who raise $10 or more will be eligible for a prize… and the more money they raise, the better the prize will be!

For those of you who want a head-start on your fundraising, go to and create a student profile page. Everything to do with your fundraising revolves around this page. Sponsorship forms and the prizes you can receive will be released later this week.