HGC Caity B shares her immense talent with the world

As part of the Personal Best Program at HGC, Caity B. created an incredibly moving song called ‘Take a Breath’ which was released on iTunes and Spotify last week. We asked Caity to share some of the things that have helped her to channel her experiences into such a beautiful song. This is what she had to say:

“During Term 2, I decided to write 4 songs for my personal best project. I decided to do this because I wanted people to understand who I am and share my talent with my peers and teachers. I expressed myself, my feelings and also my childhood in these 4 songs.

One of my songs called ‘Take a breath’ is very close to my heart, it was one I wrote about me coming in to foster care and how it changed my life forever. I started playing guitar at the start of 2017 and have been singing most of my life. I have seen and heard some things a child should never experience.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life and the way I get through those tough times is by grabbing my guitar and writing songs. I would never want to imagine my life without music, it always brings a little light to my day. I wouldn’t have met my love for music if it wasn’t for my family encouraging me to share my significant struggles and my story with the world.

I was lucky enough to have my song “Take a breath” produced and released on iTunes and Spotify last week.”

You can hear Caity’s song here: Take a Breath

Thank you Caity for sharing your voice with us, we are so proud of you!