Have your say at the Student Voice Meeting

At HGC we know that we can learn a lot from our students and that our school community grows stronger, happier and healthier when we listen very carefully to the ideas and issues raised by our students. For this reason, the Hazel Glen College community places great value on empowering our students by giving them a forum to raise their voice so that we can listen to what they have to say.

In light of this, Mr Furze would like to invite students from each class to meet with him in week 5 and 6 of this term to discuss their thoughts on various topics and happenings across the College.

We look forward to meeting with the selected students and hearing what they have to say. For those students who are not selected but would like to contribute their ideas and suggestions, it is important to let your class representative know your thoughts so that they can pass them on. We hope that this opens up a two-way classroom dialogue between all students and staff. By giving every student a voice we can make sure that Hazel Glen College continues to be a happy, productive and thriving community.