Everyday Heroes – the Galloway boys shave it all off!

The Galloway Boys – brothers Xavier (12), Shannon (10), and Riley (8) – have been growing their hair to cut and donate for 2 1/2 years. It’s not been an easy road… it’s taken tears, lots of tears, and a lot of sweat, especially on hot summer days, to get this far. Now their hair is all past the donation length, we are ready to shave it all off to donate!

Two of the boys have had friends they know lose their mums to cancer, both of them dear friends of their mum. They have lost their maternal great-grandmother to cancer, and their paternal great-grandmother fought it and won. We hope and wish for the day that cancer is just another illness that can be cured. But until then, we’ll keep fighting the good fight and supporting those organisations that are putting the effort in so that families and individuals facing cancer are supported and loved.

We chose THIS particular platform to help raise money because it isn’t directed at any ONE type of Cancer, but all types. And since we’ve been connected to individuals that have had so many different types, that is most important to us.

On Saturday, 23rd March the boys began the shave, and were all done an hour later. Their donation page will still be open for for awhile yet, so if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, we would love to see if we can hit the amazing goal of $5000.

Thank you SO VERY VERY MUCH to the people that came out to bear witness to the shave, and help in the process too!